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Ermengol Space-City Museum

La Seu d’Urgell

At the Ermengol Space we can find the tourist office and four exhibition spaces dedicated to the history of the city, the socio-economic importance of cheese in the territory, a temporary exhibition devoted to a character relevant to our history and the hall/ viewpoint with information on the natural heritage of Alt Urgell.

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Diocesan Museum of Urgell

La Seu d’Urgell

The collection of sacred art preserved and exhibited at the Diocesan Museum of La Seu d’Urgell is a benchmark in Catalonia. Pieces like the Abella de la Conca retable, the silver urn of St. Ermengol or the copy of Beatus from the 10th century make this a museum not to be missed.

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Trementinaires Museum


The «trementinaires» were the repositories of all the traditional knowledge on herbs and natural remedies used to cure people and animals. They disseminated their know-how during the journeys they carried out on foot between the mountain and the plain. The «Trementinaires» Museum in Tuixent is dedicated to the memory of this ancient trade, very typical of la Vansa Valley.

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Museum of the Vine and Wine

El Pont de Bar

Although vines have practically disappeared from this region nowadays, the wine culture was very present in the Pyrenees until de phylloxera plague in the late 19th century. The Museum of the Vine and Mountain Wine in Pont de Bar represents the way things were in times when vines took up a significant part of the Pyrenean landscape.

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Accordion Museum


The Accordion Museum in Arsèguel reflects the population’s long trajectory promoting the accordion. The museum preserves and displays dozens of instruments, many of which have been loaned by the families of old accordionists, who made different generations of highlanders dance to the sound of their music.

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Wool Factory

El Pont d’Arsèguel

The Wool Factory in Arsèguel is one of the most representative examples of textile manufacturing in the Pyrenees. Of all the machinery in the factory, powered by the water of river Segre, the most remarkable item is the spectacular mule-jenny, designed following the threading machines that encouraged the first industrial revolution in England.

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Flour Factory Museum


Before the introduction of the dairy cow, most of the crops in the lands of the Urgellet were used to grow cereals. The Ancient Flour Factory in Montferrer, constructed in 1911, illustrates the industrialisation of the milling process used to prepare cereals, which have disappeared from the crops in this part of the region of Alt Urgell.

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Rafter Museum

Coll de Nargó

Located in the village with the greatest rafting tradition in the valley of river Segre, the Rafter Museum in Coll de Nargó is dedicated to the memory of this ancient trade. Guiding their rafts down the river water, the rafter took the wood from the Pyrenean forests to the plain and the coast to stimulate the different industries that used this raw material.

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Ice Well


In times when ice was only produced by natural freezing, ice wells were large areas where this material was stored. It was essential for preserving food and for different therapeutic uses. Oliana has one of the best-preserved ice wells in the Catalonian Pyrenees, crowned by a magnificent dome of ashlars.

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Peasant Museum


Located in an old ancestral manor in Calbinyà, with magnificent views over the plain of la Seu d’Urgell, the Peasant Museum in Calbinyà accommodates a notable collection of tools and utensils that represent the lifestyles and diversity of tasks that were carried out in mountain homes throughout the year.

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Paleoenvironmental Centre

Coll de Nargó

The wealth of fossils from the village of Coll Nargó are largely exhibited at the Dinosfera Paleoenvironmental Centre, which tells us how the world was late in the secondary period and what were the causes of the mass extinction of dinosaurs which led to the predominance of mammals.

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The exhibition hall of "Les Homilies d’Organyà"


Not only in the Alt Urgell is the legacy of some of the oldest professions in Catalonia but was also in this region where they found the oldest literary document written in Catalan, Homilies d’Organyà them.

They were discovered in 1904 in the church of Santa Maria in the town of Organyà .

For this reason, this municipality has installed a permanent exhibition on the Homilies that we recommend you visit.

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Motorcycle Museum


Created in 2002, the Moto de Bassella Museum was the first space in the country dedicated exclusively to the world of two wheels. A must stop for motorcycle enthusiasts and fans, the museum exhibits over 200 motorcycles from all eras and specialities, from the rudimentary models of the early 20th century to the 1990s.

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