The Pyrenees Artisanal Cheese Fair is a key part of the Sant Ermengol Fair and one of its most unique events. It is a real hub of quality cheeses from the mountains, as well as a space for learning and exchanging knowledge.

It is held on the third weekend of October.



On Passeig Joan Brudieu, locals gather to tuck into stew made by the Brotherhood of Sant Antoni. The day involves a Solemn Mass, during which the Sant Antoni bread is given out, an animal blessing and a tradition known as the Tres Tombs, where the festival’s flag bearers take horses on three laps around the area.

This takes place on 17 January.


We offer various routes around our region, through which you will discover how different artisanal products are made, taste them on the premises where they are produced and enjoy them as part of a meal at one of our recommended restaurants.

Our star product is cheese, of which we make many kinds—cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s cheese, traditional and modern—all of which deserve special mention.

We hope you enjoy the ‘Els Fogons de l’Alt Urgell’
culinary experience.

The other artisans on the route offer all sorts of other products, from cold meats, herbs, preserves and mushrooms, to jams, coca pastries and nargonins, a local speciality, for those with a sweet tooth.

What’s more, you can visit various museums on the Old Trades Route, marvel at Romanesque churches, explore the Cadí-Moixeró National Park and much more.

When it comes to restaurants, there are two conditions for establishments to be part of the ‘Els Fogons de l’Alt Urgell’ culinary campaign: they must use local products, especially artisan cheeses, and they must be widely respected for the quality of their work.


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