La Seu and its monuments

Santa Maria d’Urgell Cathedral
  • Santa Maria Cathedral, built in the twelfth century, is the city’s most iconic building.
  • What’s more, it is the only Romanesque cathedral left standing in Catalonia.
  • The cloister backs onto the southern façade of the cathedral.
  • It has three Romanesque galleries, and a fourth gallery was created during an early twelfth-century renovation project.
  • The capitals are embellished with a wide range of motifs, from plants to representations of monsters.
  • The attached Sant Miquel Church, built in the eleventh century, also exemplifies Romanesque style.
Diocesan Museum

This museum is home to a priceless collection of religious art from all over the diocese, including:

  • Murals
  • A collection of Romanesque statues of the Virgin Mary
  • The Gothic altarpiece by Pere Serra from Abella de la Conca (1364)
  • Sant Ermengol’s silver urn, by Pere Lleopart (1755)
Sant Agustí Library
  • Sant Agustí Library occupies the old church in the Sant Agustí Convent.
Carrer dels Canonges
  • This street is home to Casa Luna and Casa del Pelegrí.
Carrer Major
  • With its centuries-old grain measures.
Parc del Valira
  • This park, located next to the Valira River, houses a replica of the cathedral’s cloister, built in the twentieth century and designed by writer and urban planner Lluís Racionero.
  • The capitals on the columns bear sculptures of the most significant personalities of the twentieth century.


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