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The Circuit Fer, or Iron Circuit, was established in 2009 through the merger of four mountain races that took place in Alt Urgell: Noves de Segre, Organyà, Ossera and Aristot. In time with the worldwide trail running boom, the circuit has grown and incorporated new races, including Estana, Sorribes-Arp, Bescaran, Masies de Nargó and Cadí Trail.

All the races in the circuit are promoted by local organisations, which have made a clear contribution to the development of trail running in the area while driving and diversifying activities in these villages and towns. As well as these organisations, the participants and the electric atmosphere are the heart and soul of the circuit. There is truly something for everyone, from elite athletes to amateur trail runners and walkers.




This complex was built for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, for the canoe slalom event. Since then, El Segre Olympic Park has hosted endless elite championships, including the European Cup, the Spanish Cup, the Pyrenees Cup, the World Cup and the World Championships.


This is a multi-sport event that takes place in La Seu in May. It began in 2008 as part of a drive to promote the city and the surrounding region as a leader in this type of sports and leisure event. Today, it is stronger than ever, with more and more participants and disciplines every year.

Since its first editions, Escanyabocs has steadily grown in terms of participant presence and, especially, athletes taking part in different disciplines. In recent editions, around a thousand people have participated.

The event promoter, municipal company Parc del Segre, S.A., acts as both a unifying force and a flag bearer for the project, and takes care of its overall organisation.

Those ultimately responsible for organising the technical side of each discipline are experts in the sport and in the area around them, which makes them ideally placed to design circuits of the best possible quality and to take care of the participants. Each club takes responsibility for the technical aspects of their part of the event. In total, over 150 people linked to the clubs offer their experience and enthusiasm to ensure that the event is a success year after year.

Urgell Hiking Union: Organises the circular trail running race with start and finish line in La Seu d’Urgell.

Gall Negre Events:  Young organisation from La Seu d’Urgell that organises cultural and sports events in the region, like the highly successful Sant Silvestre Race in La Seu d’Urgell. It organises the cycling part of the event.

Fons Urgellet – Cerdanya Ski Club:  Organises the Nordic walking section.

Club Xinoxano Orienteering: Organises the three routes for the orienteering race.

La Seu Firefighters’ Sports and Cultural Association: Organises the Escanyabocs adventure race, a taste of the world of adventure racing.

Grifone: Leading company in the production of high-quality specialist textile equipment and much more than just the sponsor of Escanyabocs. Grifone, the roots of which are entwined with La Seu, has got involved with this project to give it a global dimension and the influence and reach the event needs to continue to grow. Participants may buy the exclusive official Escanyabocs T-shirt for just €5.



This is your opportunity to get involved with popular cross-country skiing walks and enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings in cross-country skiing resorts.

And don’t hesitate to bring your family, as we have a special category for families.



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